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Get the Most Out of Your Wedding DJ


Depending on your preferences, there are various things you may consider important when looking for a wedding DJ. When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ, you may be hesitant thinking that they only play loud, obnoxious music that makes the guests dance like zombies. However, you cannot be more wrong. The right wedding DJ will keep your guests entertained on the dance floor enjoying themselves to a great playlist. Check out to get started.


Getting the right DJ is crucial to making your wedding reception a success. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you have a great working relationship with the DJ and your wedding entertainment turns out to be a success.


i) You are in charge

It is important to be clear with the DJ about who is in charge. Since it is your big day, you should be in charge. Of course, you can ask for advice from the DJ about the playlist or other forms of entertainment that you may want during the reception. However, this is not to say that the DJ should take over the entertainment without involving you.


One of the important areas you should have a hand to play in is the playlist. Make sure you have a set of songs that you would like played at your wedding. Some DJs may have their own playlists. If you don't like the playlists, go with another DJ. Being upfront and direct with the DJ can save your wedding entertainment from turning out to be a bore.


ii) Discuss Requests

You should also discuss requests with the DJ upfront. Will the DJ take requests or not? If you do not want the DJ to take requests from the guests, you can ask him to state that he/she does not have the music being requested at a specific period. For guests who get aggressive, the DJ may have to explain that the bride and bridegroom are not accepting requests.


iii) Songs to Avoid

Another important thing you should be clear about with the DJ is the set of songs that should not be played at your wedding. Some songs are great but when played at a wedding, come out awkward. If you have some of these songs in mind, make sure the DJ knows of them so that he/she won't include them in the playlist.


The above are three things you should do to get the most out of your wedding DJ. Find more info about music and entertainment at